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Film Review – The Handmaiden

The words that first come to mind when thinking about Park Chan-Wook’s 2016 erotic-thriller, The Handmaiden, are sumptuously delectable. Hidden among the layers of beautifully meticulous costuming matched by equally detailed set design, is a sharply-crafted tale of finding freedom and love in an oppressive and patriarchal environment.

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Film Review – The Triangle of Sadness

The Triangle of Sadness’s opening credits show male models wearing speedos covered in the star-spangled banner as they get doused in paint in a way that is reminiscent of Jackson Pollock’s art. For a while after the credits ended and the movie trudged along, I wondered what it meant. Was it a metaphor for something I missed? No. It’s Ruben Östlund’s way of introducing you to a film that is entirely void of nuance, elevating satire on class and power structures to a whole new level of ridiculousness. There is no metaphor; this is all rich people nonsense.

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Film review – Pathan

In a sea of jingoism, Pathan is a breath of fresh air. Yes, it is pumped full of testosterone and has that tired Indo-Pakistan conflict at heart, but thankfully the film doesn’t vilify an entire nation or religion. Thank god for small mercies.

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